Sunday, November 16, 2008

There Must Be A Law

There must be a law, really. My girls are generally VERY healthy. They rarely get ill. Starman left last Thursday for 10 days in Argentina. He is unreachable except I know he will TRY to call every night.

Thursday night, Freckleface woke me up at 12:30 am saying she was feeling like she was going to throw up. I spent about 45 minutes with her, and when she didn't, I went back to bed. The next day she told me she had barfed 4 times. She never woke me up, and cleaned up after, she stayed home Friday. Thankfully, she seems better now.

Today, Skye woke up and said her throat was really sore. It has been "itchy" for the past couple of days. We went to church #1, skipped church #2, and came home. AFter lunch she collapsed in bed. She has a fever of 102 degrees.

It isn't fair. How come I have TWO girls getting sick with different viruses all in the four days since Starman left? Thank goodness I don't have to preach next weekend, but really, there must be a law. A law that says "when the spouse leaves, the kids will get sick" and another law that says THIS JUST ISN'T FAIR! For the girls, who need extra care, or for me, who can't give it to them and do everything else too.

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