Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer is coming to an end - school starts next week for Skye (the big sister, headed for 4 th grade) and Freckleface (the middle sister, headed for 1st grade). BUT Brown Eyes, the youngster who is 4, doesn't start preschool for good until September 15. This leaves me, who started my new job as associate pastor last week, without child care! Unfortunately Starman, my husband, is also gearing up for a new year teaching freshman physics at the university, and he isn't quite available, so to speak..

Praise God for my good friend who last night told me she adores Brown Eyes and would love to watch her each and every Wednesday, until school starts and then after it does start she will pick her up at school and watch her until Starman can come to get her. So I can go off to medium city to do my job.

Does anyone know how much it matters to find good, reliable, trustworthy and FUN sitters for your kids? I really can't do my job without knowing for sure my girls are well taken care of. So THANK YOU to sitter (I'll call her Jane Austen after her favorite author) and THANK GOD for good friends. Amen!


Bets said...

I rejoice with you! We should never take good childcare for granted - we shower our babysitter with appreciation because without her, we couldn't do any of the things we do!

(Also, since I'm a first-time mom who is often anxious, our babysitter is a huge blessing, in that having an experienced mom (she has 3 teens of her own, and has cared for countless others) who can advise, cajole, and keep an eye on things is HUGE for us.

Congrats on blogging and on your new ministry!

MumPastor said...

Bets - thanks so much for your comment...I just saw it! I am glad that you as well found a babysitter you can trust. I'll check out your blog soon!